Friday, February 8, 2013

نامه خودکشی

گاهی آدم با خودش فکر می کنه که یه نامه بنویسه و حرف های مگوشو بگه و بعد همه چیز رو تموم کنه. فکر به عکس العمل آدم ها به این نامه می تونه جالب باشه. احتمالا همین عکس العمل و کنجکاوی راجع به اونها انگیزه نوشتنه. ولی وقتی که قراره تو نباشی و نبینی و این عکس العمل ها هیچ تاثیری روی تو نداشته باشه دیگه چه اهمیتی داره که چه کسی چه برخوردی می کنه.


Anonymous said...

yedoone az in note ha benevis:

Mostafa said...

I don't see how the link is relevant. I'm writing my own suicide notes although I still think it doesn't make much sense to do so.

Anonymous said...

This suicide note is 1905 pages long and it's the most epic note I've ever seen. A philosophical master piece in it's own scene. You better exceed him and surprise us with yours.

Oh, and if you ever lost motivation you could read a few chapters of his note to put you back on the track. By that I mean, writing your note and committing suicide.

"although I still think it doesn't make much sense to do so"

I can't help you there. Sorry!