Sunday, December 30, 2007

Politics, Culture, Education, Society, ...

Hey, I don't wanna be political person. But I can't while every one around me are so. I just wanna be the #1 in my academic studies, the only thing that satisfies me. Issues such as politics, culture, social discussions and ... are so complicated in our country, more more than in other parts of the world. A religious culture mixed by a modern and somewhat a postmodern one, People unable to accept each other, a ridiculous government such as ours, ...
Hey come on, we planned to go to hiking this Friday, Who wants to join us?

My trip to Yazd

I went to Yazd for the holidays. The weather was warm during days and freezing during nights. Mount Shirkooh was beautiful like a bride wearing white clothing of snow. The great mixture of desert and mountains is always amazing

And the bad side of the story!

There was lots of billboard in the city announcing that THE LEADER is coming.

Everything was dreadful, advertisement, security plans, the amount of money which was in use ...

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Some hints

First of All, My paper was accepted to be presented at 17th IFAC world congress, and I am happy of that!
And after that,
I'm really tired of living in this country and watching what's going on. Damn on this ideologic government.
Every time I see detention of a girl because of her clothing, I experience what is called "hate"! Every time I see these fucking "Basijies" wandering around the city, I remember that YES I AM STILL A PRISONER.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My lecture on the subject of "MAL"

I will have a lecture on the subject of "Multi Agent Learning" next week, as a section of "Control of Stochastic Systems" course at the University of Tehran. I love the topic and I wish I can pursue my Ph.D. on it. It is about how autonomous agent can learn in a dynamic environment while their rivals are acting too. The infrastructure for their learning is the amazing theory of STOCHASTIC GAMES. Do you remember John Nash and the movie A beautiful mind, which shows a beautifulized version of his hard and painful life?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

These busy days

I am so busy these days, I wish success for myself!