Monday, May 18, 2009

Moe and Bob the computer guy!

Well, "Moe" was someday a funny nickname chosen for me by a nice friend of mine. It was funny and nice when people called me Moe. But now, it's not funny anymore. Nobody can pronounce this hard name of "Mostafa". So I am Moe, jut it. "what I and Moe are gonna do is …" "How was your flight Moe?" Its so ridiculous.

BTW, the American people are funny. I met a course instructor whose name was "Andrew Rice." He told us we can call him Drew, Andrew, but not Andy. I have also heard of someone who is gonna buy me a computer. He is "Bob the computer guy."

So I can call my friends: Peyman the Sleepy, Mary the Magdalena :D, Proshat the smart girl, Shantal the author, …

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