Tuesday, September 11, 2007

11th September

6 years ago, terrorist attack to the world trade center buildings in Manhattan, Newyork City influenced the world. The terrorists killed innocent people for their ideologies. Why do some beliefs make human beings so mad that they can kill other people?

I saw lots of televisions like CNN, BBC, Aljazeera, and … showing reports about that heartbreaking event today. Also IRIB 1 had a program about the 9.11. The goal of the show was to prove that U.S. government planned the attack and they had benefits from doing that!!! I don't know who can believe such an absurd thing??? It seems that Islamic Republic wants to think in an unusual manner about everything and forces Iranian people to believe in that way. Damn on this ideological and religious regime.
P.S.: Poor us, the generation that is enforced to live in this odd situation planned by its previous generation in a revolution.

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