Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well, when writing this, it's 2:07 am and I'm sitting on a chair in Moshanir's Camp in Kerman, just have watched "The curious case of Benjamin Button." Such a great movie!

I was thinking these days to close my blog. Because I had this feeling that I have absolutely nothing to say! But, now at this very moment things are coming to my mind, though I still think that I have nothing new but some absurd thoughts! Things such as:

Arezoo is going to have a face exactly same as the Ben Button's one when she becomes old!

Everything is going to be new: a new year, new life, new academic degree, new advisor, new place to live, maybe even New York City!

Each friend of mine means something to me, but I'm going to handle this!

I hope I mean something to my friends too!

Well, what's next? Lets see, I don't know either.

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